Implant Supported Crowns: Secure, Customized Restorations for Missing Teeth

Implant-supported crowns are a secure, long-lasting option for replacing one or more missing teeth. Crowns are often a preferable option over dentures for patients who are missing a few sporadic teeth within an otherwise healthy bite. When paired with a dental implant acting as the tooth root, a crown can fill the gap in your smile. At Alafaya Family Dentistry, we can provide comprehensive restorative dentistry services that will allow us to treat you throughout the entire process. Dr. David J. Ross and Dr. Karen Schmitt have both undergone extensive training to ensure that your dental implants are safely and effectively placed. Surgical skills, high-quality restorations, and advanced technology allow us to provide you with the best dental services in Orlando, FL.

Why Should I Replace Missing Teeth?

Above and beyond aesthetic factors such as gaps in your smile and an aged appearance, missing teeth can have a significant negative effect on your overall oral health, including:

  • Difficulting chewing and speaking
  • Jaw bone loss
  • Shifting of surrounding teeth
  • Higher risk of tooth decay or gum disease

In some extreme cases, infections formed in the tissue of missing teeth can spread into the bloodstream. This can contribute to serious conditions such as heart disease. However, dental implants and an implant-supported crown can be placed to decrease the risk of infection and help protect your long-term oral health.

Advantages of Implant-Supported Crowns 

Implant supported crown

Securing your crown with a dental implant can help prevent further deterioration of your jaw bone as the implant posts will replace your tooth roots, providing stimulation and sending regenerative signals to your jaw bone. The titanium posts will fuse with your natural tooth root, ultimately providing an unrivaled level of support for an implant-supported restoration.

Implants significantly improve the ability for the restoration to withstand daily use. This can allow you to resume regular eating habits and improve your ability to speak clearly. We offer ceramic and porcelain dental crowns for discreet treatment that can be seamlessly integrated into your smile.

The ability to partake in your daily activities without the inhibitions of your missing teeth can allow you to experience renewed self-confidence and help you live your life to the fullest. Our doctors can work with you to determine if an implant-supported dental crown is the best solution for you.

Creating and Placing Your Custom Crown

We will begin your treatment by conducting an in-depth evaluation to determine your needs and develop a treatment plan during your consultation. For some patients, preliminary procedures such as extractions, periodontal therapy, or jaw bone surgeries may be necessary.  Otherwise, your implant-supported crown can be placed in as few as two appointments.

The needs of our patients are always our first priority, which is why we focus on providing safe, effective solutions.

During your first visit, we will implant the posts into your jaw bone. Following dental implant surgery, there is a required three- to six-month healing period for the posts to fully fuse with the jaw bone, thus creating a stable foundation for your restoration. We will then provide a natural-looking, precisely fitting crown that has been custom-made with the finest materials.

Typically, we partner with a trusted external lab that will fabricate a high-quality crown for you. In some cases, we can also provide same-day crowns using advanced CEREC® technology. Whether your restoration is made in our office or externally, we are confident that you will receive a high-quality prosthetic that will blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile. 

Positive Experiences & Outstanding Results

The Alfaya Family Dental team is committed to providing you with a positive, memorable experience at every stage of treatment. The needs of our patients are always our first priority, which is why we focus on providing safe, effective solutions that you can rely on. If you are interested in learning more about implant-supported dental crowns, contact us online or call us at (407) 365-6200 to schedule your appointment.

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