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In over 20 years of practicing dentistry in Oviedo, we have always remained progressive dentists. Progressive dentistry means being committed to continuing education to learn the latest dental techniques and technology. Using the latest dental technology helps us meet our goal of helping you keep your teeth healthy. Here are some of the technologies we use:

Dental CT Scan. One way to tell if your dentist is a progressive dentist is based on their investment in technology. Our dental CT scan is used for many procedures. The dental CT scan is very similar to a conventional x-ray but it shows a more detailed 3-dimensional cross section of the area being scanned. Our main use for the dental CT scan is for dental implants. It captures a picture of a patient's underlying bone and tissue. It measures bone density and confirms that there is enough bone to support implants. It's also used to see if there are any cysts or abnormalities in the bone.

CEREC. We provide the most advanced CEREC technology, ensuring a quality restoration solution for each patient. With CEREC crowns you can obtain your finished restoration in just one visit. The crown is milled by a computer in our office, while you wait, to fit your tooth precisely.

Laser Cavity Detection. Progressive dentists often use laser cavity detection. Laser cavity detection is reported to be 90% effective at finding decay in the grooves of teeth, the place where 80% of all cavities start. We use a pen-like instrument to shine light on the chewing area of your teeth. An attached readout alerts us to the possibility of decay.

The Wand. The Wand is a computer-controlled dental injection system. It controls the flow rate of the local anesthetic. This means that the injection is slow and steady and therefore more comfortable.

Digital X-Rays. Another technology no progressive dentist should be without, digital x-rays provide some great advantages. Digital X-rays use very little radiation and provide instant pictures on our computer screen. We can use those pictures to help us better discuss your dental health with you.

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